Welcome to Ladislav Guderna Gallery

    The images you are about to see are a small fragment from Ladislav Guderna's work. His artistic activities between the years 1940-1999 include drawings, paintings, murals, assemblages, collages, prints, designs, philatelist stamps, illustrations, book and magazine covers, installations, art-mail and two publications ( Scarabeus, Melmoth). This site is currently being re-designed and we will present all of these categories.

    A plea to collectors of Ladislav Guderna's art.

    My name is Marina Guderna, daughter of late Ladislav Guderna. I'm compiling a concise archival image bank of my father's work. So far I have filed hundreds of images with proper documentation however there are some works that are partially or not yet documented. If you have any information or comments please contact me:
    Very much appreciate your response.

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