1921 - 1999
Ladislav Guderna, born, 1921, Nitra, Czechoslovakia, emigrated to Canada in 1968.

1941 - 1948 Fifteen solo shows in Czechoslovakia
1947 UNESCO exhibition, Paris
1948 XXIV Biennale, Venice
1958 Brussels World Fair, Brussels International Galleries
IV Biennale, Sao Paulo
International Exhibition of socialist countries, Moscow
1959 Seven exhibitions in Italy, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Turin, Ancona, Parma, Modena
1960 Guggenheim Museum, Exhibition of the International Competition, New York
Vaclav Spala Gallery, Prague
Jubilee Exhibition, Czechoslovakia, Prague
1961 Czechoslovak Center, Berlin
1962 Slovak National Theater, Bratislava
Convention Center, Bratislava
1963 Avantgarde 38, Small Stage of the SNT, Bratislava
Contemporary Czechoslovak Art, Havana
1964 Avantgarde 38, City Gallery, Bratislava
1965 Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava
1966 Cyprian Majernik Gallery, Bratislava
Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava
1967 EXPO 67, Montreal
Nitra Gallery, Nitra
1969 International Jewelry Exhibition, Montreal
Gallery of Fine Arts, Toronto
1970 Walter Engel Gallery, Surrealist Explorers, Toronto
KAR Gallery, Toronto
1971 Galeria de Arte Beau, Caracas
Lillian Morrison Gallery, Toronto
1972 St. Lawrence Centre, Toronto
1973 International Exhibition Contemporary, Monte Carlo
D & H Gallery, Toronto
Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, Halifax
1974 Mira Gallery, Ottawa
Humber College, Toronto
Estee Gallery, Toronto
1975 Gallery Krause, Zurich
1976 Fiala Gallery, New York
First Canadian Place, OSA Exhibition, Toronto
Interkunst, Vienna
1978 Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver
1979 Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey B.C.
1980 Wofford College, South Carolina
Gallery Move, Vancouver
Galeria Ambito, Madrid
1981 XVI Biannale, Sao Paulo
1982 Canada House, Canadian Art in Britain, London
Galeria de Arte C. Mendes, Rio de Janiero
Melmoth Gallery, Vancouver
Arteder 82, Bilbao
1983 1st International Mail Art Exhibition, University of Seoul, Seoul
Medusa Gallery, Reykjavik
Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara
1984 NeoARTism Gallery, Vancouver
Teatro Iberico, Lisbon
International Mail Art Exhibition, Osaka
1985 NeoARTism Gallery, Vancouver
Casa del Lago,Mexico
1986 Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.
Pitt International Gallery, Vancouver
Galerie Taormina Deli Arte, PHASES Group, Le Havre
Galleri P.P., Yarde, Dunagon Group, Denmark
Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, B.C.
Galleri 11:3, Dunagon Group,Sjobo, Sweden
1987 S.V.U. Manes 1887-1987, Prague
Galerie St.-Anne Besancon, PHASES Group, Montlucon
Musee Andre Malraux, Le Havre
1988 Galerie 1900-2000, Lumiere du Jour, Paris
Arts Club Theatre, Melmoth Group, Vancouver
Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, B.C.
1989 National Gallery, Bratislava
1990 Artropolis 90, Roundhouse, Vancouver
Civic Galerry, Bratislava
1991 Museum of Bochum, Europlaischel Dialogue, Bochum
National Gallery, Bratislava
Gallery Alpha, West Vancouver
Dum Umieni, Group Q, Brno
1992 Galerie Lumiere Noir, Montreal
ACTUAL Galerie, Paris
1993 Threshold Gallery, Vancouver
Musee de la Poste, Timbres d'Artistes, Paris
1994 Civic Gallery of Bratislava, Bratislava
Carleton University Gallery, Ottawa
Skidmore College, PHASES of desire, Saratoga Springs,N.Y.
1995 Galerie Lumiere Noir, PHASES, Montreal
Konschthaus beim Engel, Mail Art, Luxembourg
1996 Galerie Lumiere Noire, Greffages 3, Montreal
The 3rd I Gallery, Vancouver
1999 Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver